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Goldco Reviews

On this page we're going to review the pros and cons, positives and negatives of Goldco.

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In-Depth Look at Goldco

Goldco is a leading precious metals provider that facilitates the opening and funding of precious metals IRas. The company focuses on helping customers discover the benefits of investing in gold as a way to diversify their portfolio.

One of the main services that Goldco provides is detailed educational information on investing in gold and starting a gold IRA. This information is priceless for both new and seasoned investors. Since the Great Recession in 2008, the markets have been volatile at best. They may go up considerably on some days and drop drastically on others. This only adds to investing's complexities because public opinion can sway the market as much as economics.

Goldco offers the following:

  • Assistance with starting a Gold IRA, including rolling over funds from your current IRA, 401k, or 403 (b) retirement plan into a new self-directed IRA.

  • Ability to purchase high in demand gold and silver coins from IRS-approved mints.

  • Gold and silver bars are available from premium mints.

  • You can purchase coins and bars for personal investments outside of your gold IRA.

  • Superior customer service throughout the enter investment process as well as follow-up support.

  • Free educational information that can help you make the best choices when selecting investments for your retirement account.

The very first thing that you will notice when you speak with a representative of Goldco is that they are very knowledgeable about their products and services. You are not continually placed on hold while they “find out” the answers to your questions. They are also very quick to respond to email inquiries.

Goldco offers premium gold coins that all meet the requirements of the IRS for investing in a self-directed gold IRA. The company offers:

  • Gold Eagle Coin

  • Gold Eagle Proof Coin

  • Gold Buffalo

  • Gold Maple Leaf

  • Gold Luck Dragon

  • Gold Salt Water Alligator

  • Royal Mint Lunar Series Coins

  • All of these coins are minted in limited quantities and have collector values attached to them as well as the gold value of the coin. All of these coins are considered actual money and not collector medals.

    In addition to these spectacular gold coins, Goldco offers the following pure silver coins:

  • Silver Eagle

  • Silver Eagle Proof

  • Silver Maple Leaf

  • Silver Lucky Dragon

  • Silver Salt Water Crocodile

  • Silver World War 1

  • Silver World War 2 Victor Coin

  • Silver Britannia Lunar Series Coins

  • History of Goldco

    When you have decided to invest in gold for your retirement or just as an investment, it is crucial that you feel comfortable with the company that you are working with. You do not want to trust your financial well-being with a company that does not have the knowledge and experience to help you make good decisions about your investments.

    Goldco was established in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt as a gold trading platform. Mr. Gerszt was mainly dealing in gold coins for direct sales as investments. The company also provided gold bars and access to silver coins and metals.

    Gerszt soon discovered that there was a demand for self-directed gold IRAs. Many of his customers were contacting him about investing in more gold and silver as part of their retirement, but they didn’t know how to make it happen.

    Goldco started developing a plan to assist their customers with Gold IRAs, which led to working with Equity Trust, one of the leading self-directed IRA companies for alternative assets in the US.

    Since then, it has been nothing but growth. Goldco has helped thousands of people establish gold and silver IRAs and has continued to offer individual coins and bars to customers for private investments.

    Goldco has placed such a high focus on providing their customers with the educational tools they need to make good choices about their gold IRA investments that these IRAs now take up 80 percent of their business.

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    The Reviews Say It All

    A company can say everything they want to make themselves look good. But it is what the customers say that really matters. After researching Goldco thoroughly, we have discovered that they have the best rankings among gold IRA providers, period. Goldco has thousands of positive reviews about its products and services. They have even been endorsed by Ben Stein and actor/martial arts master Chuck Norris. Goldco has high rankings with places like the Better Business Bureau and similar entities that monitor businesses for performance. The company has repeatedly been named as a top-performing company by different financial institutions and by Inc. Magazine.Of course, as with any business that has been in business for this length of time, there were a couple of bad reviews. These bad reviews mainly focused on customers being confused about gold coin values and gold coin investment opportunities.What we did discover, however, is that many of these bad reviews were updated with a positive note because Goldco was able to help them understand the problems or issues they were having.

    Willfully genuine making you feel valued from the beginning of your conversation. Reassuring, knowledgeable and willing to listen, inform, and answer all your questions or concerns. Goldco is there to serve you, and expedite your process.

    Jack R.

    New York

    I had a Great Experience with the Goldco professionals that I worked with. They both shared with me the current marketplace situation and Joe Biden's administration changes that are going to affect all of our 401K retirement plans and increase in Future taxes to all of us.

    Laura W.


    I decided to diversify my retirement account by investing in gold and contacted several gold and coin companies. I wanted to do business with a California company and I contacted a company that I had talked to in the past and was not satisfied with the responses I was getting.

    Toni I.

    Washington D.C.

    Our One Disappointment With Goldco

    When you review any type of company, it is very important to be impartial. You must look at the good and the bad.

    The only drawback that we could find with working with Goldco is the fact that the only precious metals they offer are gold and silver. The IRS does allow you to add pure palladium and platinum to a gold IRA account.

    Other than the fact that they do not offer platinum or palladium, we could not find any drawbacks to working with Goldco.

    FAQ’s About Goldco

    • Does Goldco have a minimum investment to start a gold IRA?

    • Yes. Goldco requires a minimum of $25,000 cash or savings, OR $50,000 in a retirement account to fund your new Gold IRA.

    • Can I add gold or silver that I already own to my gold IRA?

    • No. Goldco has a strict policy only to allow gold and silver coins and bars purchased directly from Goldco to be added to your gold IRA. This is to ensure that purity levels are always met, and all precious metals remain in compliance with the IRS.

    • Does Goldco manage its own depository?

    • No. Goldco works with different depositories around the country to store your gold. They can arrange for you to set up an account, or you can find your own IRS-approved depository and have your gold stored there.

    • How long does it take to establish a gold IRA?

    • It can take between 2 and 3 weeks to establish your gold IRA. This will all depend on funding sources and the length of time it takes for other companies to process their paperwork.

    A Final Look At Goldco

    When it comes right down to the facts, we believe that Goldco is the top-performing gold IRA company currently available. We love the educational materials that the company provides to its customers, and we love the free resources that you can always access on their site.

    We find that having specialists work in the office that is dedicated to a specific type of investment or a specific type of precious metal is very positive for investors. When you work with Goldco you know that the rep you are working with is very knowledgeable about that subject.

    If you are ready to take the next step in securing your retirement, we encourage you to click on the button below and see everything that Goldco has to offer.

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